Tales of the Black Fox

Random Quotes of Randomness

Things that Josée has copied to her notebook.

This post is going to be updated fairly regularly whenever I find quotes I’ve jotted in my book. Some are IC, some are OOC, some may be an odd mix of both. Whatever they are, I hope you find them mildly amusing to look back on. I try to include a bit of background to the comment as and when I remember.

30th November 2011
I can’t remember how this one came about, but Kateryna had been rather depressive.
Herman Malvert : “You must be the new face of optimism!”
Kateryna Tarranne : "I have a lot to be “optimistic” about."

1st February 2012
An exchange between Danny and I, discussing Herman’s abilities.
Josée : “Do you have climb?”
Danny : “Of course not, I’m not a competent character!”

Herman reflecting on his luck after falling down the pit.
Herman Malvert : “On to the hellghasts, please. I can deal with them, not gravity.”

8th February 2012
After finding out that Herman’s cult of redemptionists had splintered off and gone fmissing.
Theophilius Gotti : (to Herman) “Please don’t make any new cults – you’re not good at it.”
GM : “No, he’s good at creating them – just not very good at keeping them together.”

A discussion between Herman, Charlie and Theophilius when about to set foot on Morrdh.
Theophilius Gotti : (begrudgingly) “Go on. Say it.”
Herman Malvert : “Are there any mutants on this planet?”
Charlie Fodder : “No.”
Herman Malvert : “Are there any heretics on this planet?”
Charlie Fodder : “Well, it produced me.”
(Tumbleweed rolls by)

Theophilius’ words of wisdom to the rest of the team before they set foot on Morrdh.
Theophilius Gotti : (Pointedly to Kateryna) “We’re not going to start any fights.”
Kateryna Tarranne : (Whining) “Ohhhh…”
Theophilius Gotti : (Pointedly to Herman) “We’re not going to start any crusades.”
Herman Malvert : “You never let me do anything.”
Theophilius Gotti : (Pointedly to Charlie) “And we’re definitely not giving our plans away to the authorities on this planet.”
(No response)

When Theophilius met his good/more evil twin.
Josée : “Is this the one man Theophilius might be gay for?”
Will : “One man?”
Andrew : "There is no “gay”, there is only “pretty”."

Kateryna speaking to Herman after buying him a set of proper metal bracers.
Kateryna Tarranne : “Don’t treat me like I’m an enemy.”
Herman Malvert : “Don’t treat me like I’m an enemy!”
Kateryna Tarranne : “I don’t treat you like an enemy, I treat you like an imbecile.”

Josée commenting on Herman’s idea of a thankyou for the metal bracers.
Josée : “Kat buys you armour, you offer to take her to the Chapel. Bit quick, don’t you think?!”

22nd February 2012
Herman commenting on the situation in Morrdh, with their 5 armsmen.
Herman Malvert : “We’ve got 5 trained killers.”
Josée (OOC) : “6, thanks!”
Herman Malvert : “…5 trained killers out here.”

Numerous times during the evening.
Danny : “What could possibly…”
Josée, Stormwell : (Panicked cries)

Kateryna and Charlie get some paperwork done while Theophilius is incapacitated.
GM : “You’ve just made her workload a whole lot worse…”
Kateryna Tarranne : (To Charlie) “…Get Out. GET OUT. GET OUT!!”

29th February 2012
Herman gets attached to a certain item.
Herman Malvert : (stubbornly) “You can take it from my cold, dead hands.”
Kateryna Tarranne : (flexing her power fist) “Good.
A while later, Kateryna subtly “resets” Herman’s life support system.
Kateryna Tarranne : (standing above Herman as he loses consciousness) “That’s okay, when you’re unconscious, I’ll wrench it from your cold, dead hands. Oh…wait.”

The group reflects on Danny’s choice of place to search for information about the Ecclesiarchy.
Andrew : “You know…you could have chosen a better place to research the strange Bishop you met than in an irradiated library in a crashed ship on a moon…”

Many, many more to come. If anyone else has any they’d like to put up here, write it in the comments and I’ll add it!



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