Herman Malvert

The cowardly, sleepy and unengaging missionary.


Character Name: Herman Malvert
Player Name: Danny
Homeworld: Carcassone Fortress World
Career Path: Missionary
Rank: 2
Motivation: Vengenance
Description: A face line and jowled. A black Cassock covers imperial guard issue flak emphasising a crude bulk. A dark Skull cap fits the theme, while the only colour comes from a red Stole and a dark blue knotted belt.
Gender: Male
Build: Drawn, not overly muscled.
Height: 5ft 9
Weight: 16 stone approx
Skin: Ruddy
Hair Colour: A slightly greasy dark brown
Eye Colour: a flinty grey
Age: 28

WS 43(s)-BS 47 -Str 40(s) -T 36 – Ag 39 – Int 25 – Per 33 – WP 44 – Fel 31(s)

Basic Skills (untrained)

Advanced Skills
Charm 10
Common lore (War, Imperial Navy, Imperial Creed,Imperium +10)
Drive (Vulture)
Forbidden Lore (Heresy)
Medicae + 10
Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed
Speak language (Low and high Gothic)
Tech Use

Talents & Traits
Hatred (Orks, Mutants)
Basic weapon training (Las, universal, melee)
Constant combat
Steel Nerves
Duty to the Throne
Against all Odds
Divine Ministration
sound Constitution 1
Crushing Blow

Special Ability:
Pure Faith
Unshakeable faith
Armour of Contempt

Bionics and Augmentations

Psychic Powers


Total XP: 8100
Total XP Spent: 8100
XP to spend: 0
Ability Advancements taken: weapon skill
Skills Gained:
Talents gained:

Melee Weapons
NAME Eviscerator Pattern ‘Jericho’ MrkIII – Xenobane
Class: Melee
Damage: 2d10+3
Type: R
Pen: 5
Special Rules: Tearing, unwieldy, attack rolls of 96-00 hit self if an agility test is failed

NAME Good Quality Chainsword Pattern ‘Dirk’ MrkIV Macharian produced
Class: Basic
Damage: 1d10 + 3
Type: R
Pen: 2
Special Rules: Good Quality: +5 Ws bonus to attack, Tearing, balanced

Ranged Weapons
NAME Good craftsmanship Flamer ‘Vera’ pattern ‘Absolution’ Mrk III
Class: Basic
Damage: 1d10+4
Type: Flame
Pen: 2
Range: 20m
ROF: 5/?/?
Clip: 6
RLD: 2 full
Special Rules: Flame

Imperial Guard Flak Armour
Head: 4 (Flak)
Body: 4 (Flak)
Right Arm: 4 (Flak)
Left Arm: 4 (Flak)
Right Leg: 4 (Flak)
Left Leg: 4 (Flak)

Best Quality Guard Flak
Basic Munistorium Robes
Good Quality formal munistorium robes
Aquila pendant
Censor and incense
Lifetime supply of Recaf
3 stimms doses
Frag grenades
Musical Cherub
Scribal cherub
Valet Cherub
Tailoring Cherub

Walk (1/2 Action): 3
Walk (Full Action): 6
Charge: 9
Run: 18
Base Leap: 3
Base Jump: 60cm

Profit Factor
Starting: 45
Current: 45

Total: 12
Current: 12
Critical Damage:

Fate Points
Total: 3
Current: 3

Insanity Points
Insanity Points: 2
Degree of Madness: None
Disorders: None

Corruption Points
Corruption Points:
Degree of Corruption:
Malignancies: None


The unexceptional child of an unexceptional family on the fortress World of Carcassonne, Herman was notable only for a particular attachment to weaponry and for his notable effect of boring most people he spoke to. Only when in service to the local white shields did he feel in any way respected or accepted. Tutors commended his zeal, though he was noted as tardy upon rising.

Only with his tithing into the Imperial navy did he excel, showing talent in respecting the machine spirit and piloting gunship for the vessel. However their remains a discreet veil of the latter part of his service, but it involved a series of redeployments often linked to severe ship losses. It is conjectured that it was the continued survival of Malvert that drew him down the path of becoming a Missionary, where his zeal and stolid understanding of creed allowed him to finish the course if not exactly shine, while his craven cowardice regarding his betters protected him from any unfortunate assignments.

His current service in ‘Vulpus Nigerei’ began as a rescued victim of an Ork assault, and from then on he set about with the process of ingratiating himself aboard a new vessel. He knows little of his mysterious master, the Rogue Trader Absolon Von Daark, concerning himself more with the day to day struggles of waking up, inspiring hatred of those creatures that befoul the galaxy with their mere existence. He has proved himself a not invaluable member of the high command, by being one of the first to see one of the Assasins at the winterscale Mansion, and shooting at one of Saurians assaulting Voidmaster Fodder.

After his inspiring speechmaking left the crew in awe (accuracy of account not verified) he found it vital to engage with the crew on a more personal level. This has resulted in his loyal and somewhat effective service in the Medical bay. The opportunity of all night service has given him a better grip of the Imperial creed in its written form and this has been put into practice in his ministratiosn to the ill. It is believed the crew are merely grateful for a medical expert who is able to read the medikit and not keen on cutting off limbs to test new bionic equipment. His bedside manner has been praised as ‘almost human’ after a good deal of practice. His increasingly elaborate excuses for not turning up to mess have also shown a growing level of competency.

His ultimate blessing by the Emperor was proved when he charged down a lictor, avoided its wild flailing and cut it in half with his eviscerator. By this act he was able his competency, before stabilising Theophilius, bringing him back from the brink. The claw that nearly struck down the Seneschal now resides as a relict in the Volpus’ main chapel, surrounded by the tapestry of the Glorious victory and the Angelic cherub’s trumpetting.

Herman Malvert

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