Kateryna Tarranne

Once a Voidmistress, who learnt that being an Arch-Militant is FAR more fun!


Character Name: Kateryna Tarranne
Player Name: Josée
Homeworld: ? (Noble)
Career Path: Archmilitant
Rank: 4 (13,001 – XP)
Description: Long, vibrant red hair – often tied up in a neat bun. Green eyes and a wicked smile (occasionally!). Small golden locket (Blessed Token)
Gender: Female
Build: Slender
Height: 5’6
Skin: Fair
Hair Colour: Vibrant Red
Eye Colour: Green
Age: 26

WS 44 – BS 40 – Str 44 -T 43 – Ag 44 – Int 43 – Per 42 – WP 44 – Fel 32

Basic Skills (untrained)
Silent Move
Speak Language (High Gothic)

Advanced Skills
Speak Language (Low Gothic) – Trained

Common Lore (Imperial Navy) – Trained
Common Lore (War) – Trained + 10
Common Lore (Tech) – Trained
Common Lore (Arbites) – Trained
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) – Trained
Scholastic Lore (Bureaucracy) – Trained
Scholastic Lore (Tacita Imperialis) – Trained
Forbidden Lore (Pirates) – Trained
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) – Trained

Acrobatics – Trained
Awareness – Trained + 20
Carouse – Trained
Charm – Trained
Command – Trained + 10
Dodge – Trained + 10
Drive (Ground Vehicle) – Trained + 10
Drive (Skimmer/Hover) – Trained
Interrogation – Trained (+ 10 from “Disturbing Voice”)
Intimidate – Trained + 20 (+ 10 from “Disturbing Voice”)
Literacy – Trained
Medicae – Trained
Navigation (Stellar) – Trained
Pilot (Space Craft) – Trained + 10
Pilot (Flyers) – Trained + 10
Secret Tongue (Navigator) – Trained
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) – Trained
Scrutiny – Trained
Tech-Use – Trained
Wrangling – Trained

Talents & Traits
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)

Etiquette (+ 10 to all interaction tests when dealing with high authority and in formal situations.
Peer Nobility (+ 10 to all Fellowship tests when interacting with nobles)
Good Reputation: Administratum (+ 20 to all Fellowship tests when interacting with Administratum officials)
Vendetta (A powerful enemy dogs you at every turn)
Brook No Insult (You will allow no serious offence to your honour and person or those under your protection to pass unchallenged, meeting the threat of violence with violence. May take a Willpower test to resist the impulse, modified by provocation and consequences)
Paranoia (Explorer is always alert to danger. + 2 bonus to initiative rolls, GM may secretly roll to notice hidden threats)
Nerves of Steel (Re-roll failed tests to avoid Pinning)
Decadence (uncanny resistance to drugs and alcohol. When getting drunk, do not pass out until fail a number of toughness tests equal to twice Toughness bonus. + 10 bonus to resist effects of addiction)
Sound Constitution x1 (gain 1 more wound)
Darksight (When wearing Power Armour Helmet only. Can see in darkness as though it were daylight)
Die Hard (Re-roll death chance incurred by blood loss)
Takedown (Make a special attack to stun an opponent)
Total Recall (Perfect memory. If looking for detailed information, the GM may ask for an Int test)
Air of Authority (On a successful command test may affect a number of targets equal to 1d10 plus their Fel bonus. It has no effect on hostile targets or PCs)
Combat Formation (Before rolling initiative, all other players can choose to use the character’s Int bonus for all Initiative rolls rather than their individual Ag bonuses.)
Bloodtracker (When turning in a fugitive for bounty, the group gains + 100 objective points towards Military or Criminal objectives)
Catfall (Whenever falling, the character may make an Ag test as a free action. Each additional degree of success reduces the distance fallen by the number of metres equal to the character’s Ag bonus when calculating damage.)
Ambidextrous (Can use either hand equally well and does not suffer the -20 penalty for using their offhand.)
True Grit
Hip Shooter (Can move and attack in a single turn)
Disturbing Voice (+ 10 to Intimidate and Interrogation tests, but -10 to Fel.) (Glimpse from Beyond path)
Unholy Insight (Can gain + 10 bonus to Forbidden Lore tests, but also gains + 1 Corruption or Insanity (GM discretion). Can also use their Insanity or Corruption total in place of Int or WP.) (Glimpse from Beyond path)

Special Ability:
Weapon Master (Power) -

Bionics and Augmentations
Good Quality Mind Impulse Unit (MIU)
+ 10 bonus to communicate with Machine Spirits
+ 10 bonus to Tech-Use, Pilot, Drive, Logic, Inquiry and Ballistic Skill Tests when interfaced with an MIU compatible system.
Can Experience the senses of any familiars the owner controls.

Psychic Powers


Total XP: 11,750
Total XP Spent: 11,700
XP to spend: 50
Ability Advancements taken: BS Simple (100) WP Simple (100) WS Simple S Simple S Intermediate T Simple T Intermediate Ag Simple
Skills Gained:
Talents gained:

Melee Weapons
Best Quality Monosword
Class: Melee
Damage: 1d10+3
Type: Rending
Pen: 2
Special Rules: Balanced,+10 to weapon skill

‘Pugnus Fomidio’ (Best Quality Power Fist)
Class: Melee
Damage: 2d10+1
Type: Rending
Pen: 9
Special Rules:

Ranged Weapons
Bolt Pistol
Class: Bolt
Damage: 1d10+5
Type: Explosive
Pen: 4
Range: 30m
ROF: S/2/-
Clip: 8
RLD: Full
Special Rules: Tearing

Head: 4 (Flak)
Body: 4 (Flak)
Right Arm: 4 (Flak)
Left Arm: 4 (Flak)
Right Leg: 4 (Flak)
Left Leg: 4 (Flak)

Saint Blessed Carapace Armour
Best Craftsmanship Monosword
Common Bolt Pistol
Guard Flak Armour
Void Suit
Blessed Ship Token
2 Bottles of Amasec
Pict Recorder
Vox Caster
MIU Unit
“Certificate of Lance-Proofing” showing status as “Captain”
Common Power Armour

Walk (1/2 Action): 4
Walk (Full Action): 8
Charge: 12
Run: 24
Base Leap: 4
Base Jump: 80

Profit Factor
Starting: 45
Current: 64

Total: 10
Current: 7
Critical Damage:

Fate Points
Total: (2)
Current: 2

Insanity Points
Insanity Points: 35
Degree of Madness: Unsettled
Disorders: Visions and Voices

Corruption Points
Corruption Points: 18
Degree of Corruption: Tainted
Malignancies: Palsy


Kateryna’s Diaries

In sequential order:

Kateryna Tarranne – This Is Your Life!

Kateryna has not had the most…stable of lives. Her mother was a descendant of the great Navigator House of Benetek, while her father was one Tarranne, a Rogue Trader. Her mother served as the Rogue Trader Tarranne’s Navigator. The circumstances of her conception are unknown, but she was definitely born in a Navis Nobilite household. Following her birth she was separated from her mother, and knew nothing of her father. For reasons unknown the Novator allowed her to continue to grow and arranged for her to be educated, rather than having her quietly “disappeared”. Kateryna does not know why he would do this. More to the point, a large number of her relatives don’t know either. Names like “aberration”, “gene-thief”, “eyeless”, “mongrel” and “half-breed” were commonly applied to her, and were it not for the Novator’s command that she not be touched she is sure she would have “suffered an accident”.

Kateryna showed early aptitude for void-piloting, and when she of age was apprenticed into the Imperial Navy. Later released from service, she was given captaincy of a bulk-freighter operating under the auspices of Absolon Von Daark. Von Daark later invited her to a celebratory party, where Kateryna first met her erstwhile employer and his major-domo, the lugubrious Theopholus Gotti (Will). At the party, Von Daark revealed the name of her father as Tarranne, a somewhat infamous Rogue Trader of his acquaintance, who had long vanished into the Expanse. It was Van Daark who suggested that she adopt his name as her own suggesting it was a better fit for her temperament than Benatek and that Tarranne was “a name fit for an explorer!”. It was only months later, when Kateryna was summoned before the Rogue Trader again, that she fully understood what he meant by that. Her surname has previously brought suspicions to the Winterscale Family of Rogue Traders, and her mannerisms when in the presence of Navigators has also given her familial ties away to her own ship’s Navigator.

Despite being unwilling to talk to, or often even be near a Navigator, she does have a great respect for them – which perhaps stems from the knowledge of how their systems and Houses work. She has been known to speak to Navigators in certain circumstances, but the few conversations she has held have left her rather sheepish and keen to keep a low profile…at least for the next five minutes.

Considering her history, it seems strange that such a woman would put herself unnecessarily into harm’s way. However, given her track record on the Vulpis Nigerei, of…
- Partially being responsible for the crash-landing of a small craft onto the Prison planet of Malaziel, killing all the reinforcements that were on board, and the main crew barely escaping with their lives.
- Partially being responsible for the sentencing of the planet’s Governor to work on an acid mining planet.
- Getting drunk out of her mind whilst trying to extract information from people
- Deciding plugging her MIU Unit into an unmarked assasin’s Ornithopter was a good idea
- Jumping into a Diablodon’s mouth in the hopes of beating it up from the inside
- Entering a no-holds-barred brawling competition as the Vulpis Nigerei’s champion
- Plugging herself into a long-destroyed Archaeotech ship and “accidentally” losing concentration
…it is considered to not be the case. There are rumours that Kateryna is paranoid, but these have been dismissed as wild speculation from people who have no eyes or ears.

Kateryna has no knowledge of the whereabouts of either of her parents, but does now know their names.

Kateryna Tarranne

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