Charlie Fodder

Space Aussie Bush Pilot


Character Name: Charlie Fodder
Player Name: Stormwell
Homeworld: Morrdh
Career Path: Voidmaster
Rank: 2 (7,000 – 9,999 xp)
Motivation: Survival, Clear Name, Revenge

Gender: Male
Build: Average
Height: 5ft 7
Skin: PALE
Hair Colour: Dark
Eye Colour: Grey
Age: 27

WS 30 – BS 36 – Str 45 -T 43 – Ag 48 – Int 30 – Per 38 – WP 31 – Fel 35

Basic Skills (untrained)
Silent Move

Advanced Skills
Speak Language (Low Gothic) – Skilled

Common Lore (The Expanse) – Trained
Common Lore (Imperial Navy) – Trained
Common Lore (War) – Trained
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) – Trained
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) – Trained

Awareness – Trained
Dodge – Trained
Drive (Ground Vehicle) – Trained
Gamble – Trained
Navigation (Stellar) – Trained
Pilot (Space) – Trained
Pilot (Flyers) -Trained
Scrutiny – Trained
Survival – Trained
Wrangling – Trained

Talents & Traits
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)

Enemy: Underworld (An organisation or group particularly despises the Explorer)
Hardy (Explorer always heals as though Lightly Wounded)
Leery of Outsiders (-10 on all Fellowship tests when dealing with someone you have not already met)
Light Sleeper (Counts as awake, even when asleep)
Nerves of Steel (Re-roll failed tests to avoid Pinning)
Tenacious Survivalist (Can reroll any Initiative test, but must accept the results of the second roll)
Xenos Interaction (Immune to Fear if the cause is a Xenos creature of Fear 1 or 2. Additionally, you take -5 to all Interaction Tests when dealing with members of the Imperial Cult)

Special Ability:
Master of Small Crafts (Can re-roll all failed pilot tests with small crafts)

Bionics and Augmentations
Good Quality Mind Impulse Unit (MIU)
+10 bonus to communicate with Machine Spirits
+10 bonus to Tech-Use, Pilot, Drive, Logic, Inquiry and Ballistic Skill Tests when interfaced with an MIU compatible system.
Can Experience the senses of any familiars the owner controls.
Dubious Origins

Psychic Powers


Total XP: 7,650
Total XP Spent: 6,150
XP to spend: 1,500
Ability Advancements taken:
Skills Gained:
Talents gained:

Melee Weapons
Power Sword – ‘Knife’
Class: Melee
Damage: 1d10+5
Type: Energy
Pen: 5
Special Rules: Power Field, Balanced,

Knife – ‘Toothpick’
Class: Melee
Damage: 1d5
Type: Rending
Pen: 0
Special Rules: Primitive

Ranged Weapons
Hand Cannon
Class: Pistol
Damage: 1d10+4
Type: SP
Pen: 2
Range: 35m
ROF: S/-/-
Clip: 5
RLD: 2Full
Special Rules: Best Craftsmanship


Class: Basic
Damage: 1d10+3
Type: Energy
Pen: 0
Range: 100m
ROF: S/3/-
Clip: 60
RLD: Full
Special Rules: Reliable

Class: Basic
Damage: 1d10+2
Type: Energy3
Pen: 1
Range: 150m
ROF: S/-/-
Clip: 40
RLD: Full
Special Rules: Accurate, Reliable

Bolt Pistol
Class: Bolt
Damage: 1d10+5
Type: Explosive
Pen: 4
Range: 30m
ROF: S/2/-
Clip: 8
RLD: Full
Special Rules: Tearing, Red-Dot Sight (+10 when fired single shot)

Head: 4 (Flak)
Body: 4 (Flak)
Right Arm: 4 (Flak)
Left Arm: 4 (Flak)
Right Leg: 4 (Flak)
Left Leg: 4 (Flak)

Common Power Sword
Best Hand Cannon
Flak Armour Suit
Void Suit
Blessed Ship Token
Imperial Navy Uniform
2 Bottles of Amasec
Blast Goggles
Recoil Glove
Common Concealed Holster
Grav ’Chute
MIU implant
Advanced Helmet System upgrade
Clip Harness
3 Stimms

Walk (1/2 Action): 4
Walk (Full Action): 8
Charge: 12
Run: 24
Base Leap: 4
Base Jump: 80

Profit Factor
Starting: 45
Current: 46

Total: 11
Current: 11
Critical Damage: 0
Fatigue: 0

Fate Points
Total: (2)
Current: 2

Insanity Points
Insanity Points: 12
Degree of Madness: Unsettled (+10 to Trauma tests)
Disorders: None

Corruption Points
Corruption Points: None
Degree of Corruption: None
Malignancies: None


Charles ‘Charlie’ Fodder hails from the planet Morrdh, a frontier swamp world located in the Koronus Expanse famed for the great Cyclopean ruins that dot its surface and its high number of aviators. Born the son of a bush pilot, a certain Alfred Fodder, Charlie was destined to become a flyer much like his father and a great many Morridanes flying primitive (by Imperial standards) piston-prop aircraft. Though quite early on Charlie became involved with one of the smuggler clans that also called Morrdh home, this involvement was to continue for a number of years until Fate intervened and set Charlie upon a different path.

On a routine smuggling run in a twin-engine transport plane Charlie ran afoul of bad luck, he suffered engine failure on both engines and was forced to crash land out in the Morridane wilderness. This happened to occur roughly the same time the particular smuggling ring he was with got busted by the law, it just so happened that Charlie got rescued by a patrol of lawmen. Though before he even had a chance to explain himself, Charlie’s former partners-in-crime jumped to their own conclusion and paid him a visit. In Charlie’s own words “certain words and certain bullets were exchanged” and so he hastily left Morrdh by jumping aboard a tramp freighter that happened to be in orbit. He strongly suspects that he’d been setup but thus far hasn’t been able to prove it.

Over the next couple of years Charlie was able to sell his skills as a Pilot for Hire and make enough cash to get by, eventually winding up in the Calixis Sector. He choose legit jobs wherever he could, though he was forced to keep on the move when he became aware that a price had been put on his head (rest of his body was optional). His luck ran out when he encountered Kerghan Marn in a down Hive bar and was brought aboard the Vulpis Nigerei and given an offer he couldn’t refuse by Absolon Van Daark (rumours that an airlock was involved remain unfounded). A short while after joining the crew Charlie led them into a gunfight when some of his old ‘buddies’ turned up at Port Wander, though he managed to personally kill the guy who tipped them off and gained procession of a customized bolt pistol that has served him well ever since.

His time on the Vulpis Nigerei seen him go from one misadventure to another, including;
-Mostly being responsible for the crash-landing of a small craft onto the Prison planet of Malaziel, killing all the reinforcements that were on board, and the main crew barely escaping with their lives.
-Sticking the mains power supply directly into his mouth in order to boost his vox signal and allow the Vulpis Nigerei gain the targeting data it needed for a Lance strike, though this act alone left him slightly insane.
-Assisting Kateryna Tarranne in helping to survive an Assassination attempt at the Winterscale Mansion, though that mostly involved avoiding being blown up and dodging sniper fire to ensure the safety of the wounded Miss Tarranne.
-Getting shot down on the Death World of Ramien, then having to avoid being crushed by a Diablodon’s until a rescue was effected.
-Almost had his entire central nervous system fried when it was discovered his Mind Impulse Unit previously belonged to a Tech Priest, Charlie’s explanation led to a Mechanicus team being dispatched to Morrdh to investigate.
-After discovering an Inquisitional conspiracy with Theopholus Gotti, he got arrested by the Arbites on Scintilla at Check-In at the main spaceport. This led to Kateryna Tarranne’s own arrest and Charlie being interrogated when his attempts to lie completely and utterly failed, thankfully they were both busted out of jail by an unknown third-party and smuggled back aboard the Vulpis Nigerei via the use of some meat lockers.
-Partially responsible for a riot by attempting to shoot an certain person which led to an all-night, hi-speed scenic tour of Footfall and its environs.
-Whilst back on Morrdh trying to recruit some pilots Charlie came face-to-face with his former employer, a certain Mr Rook, and was the intended target of some air pirates. Thanks to some white-knuckle-edge-of-your-seat flying, putting a piston-prop transport plane into some aerobatics that it really shouldn’t do and a bit of luck Charlie managed to shoot down his would-be attackers and land safely if not gracefully. Whilst the Rook is still out for his head Charlie is grateful that the crew didn’t decide to hand him over, though that may be he still has a long way to go to pay off his debts.

Charlie’s current goals are; find out who set him up, clear his name and get some revenge.

Charlie Fodder

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